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Periodontal Therapy

At Montville Periodontics and Implantology, we strive to provide dental care to our patients diagnosed with gum disease in a comfortable and anxiety-free environment. Dr. Gluck uses technology in both the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, and ensures that his office is educated about the latest techniques and procedures that are safe, effective, and improve your care.

Below we describe both surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy and the care that your teeth will need after removing the bacteria that are at the root of your disease. If you have any questions regarding the care described here, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gluck to explore your options, please call us at (973) 276-7926.

X-Ray Diagnosis 
Dr. Gluck's office is equipped with state of the art radiographic technology. In addition to digital-rays for intra-oral diagnosis, the office also has 3-D (cone/beam) technology. This allows a comprehensive evaluation of the length and width of the jaw bone and allows safer and more accurate implant placement. 

Periodontal Non-Surgical Therapy 

Scaling and Root Planing: 

Scaling and root planing is the removal of tarter (calculus) below the gum line. Calculus is dental plaque which has picked up minerals from the saliva and hardened. Dental plaque is a film of bacteria which can cause bone loss, gum recession and decay. 
Scaling and root planing is also known as a "deep cleaning". It is usually done with anesthetic such as lidocaine injection or a topical gel so that the patient is comfortable. This cleaning is very thorough and meticulous and may take up to 4 or more visits. 

The goal of this procedure is to shrink periodontal pockets while eliminating harmful bacteria from the mouth. A periodontal pocket is an abnormally deep crevice which exists between the tooth and the gum. This is the hiding spot for bacteria. 

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing: 
Controls the growth of bacteria both above and below the gum line
Helps gums reattach and pocket depths to be reduced
Reduces pain and sensitivity
Decreases bleeding gums
Prevents bone and tooth loss
Promotes healthy gums and teeth

Periodontal Surgical Therapy 

Deep periodontal pockets may not completely heal after scaling and root planing. Surgery may be needed to decrease the deep gum pockets, remove inflamed tissue and reduce damage to the bone supporting the teeth. 

Surgery allows Dr. Gluck to access hard-to-reach areas under the gum and along roots where plaque and calculus have accumulated. 

Wherever possible, the ultimate goal of surgery is to perform bone regeneration. In this procedure either human (cadaver), cow (bovine) or synthetic bone is placed adjacent to the tooth in order to provide additional support. These procedures involve making a small incision between the tooth and gum in order to obtain access to the diseased root and bone. The area is meticulously cleaned and medicated and then the appropriate regenerative material is applied. 

Surgical therapy also includes extraction of hopeless teeth. When teeth are extracted it is frequently recommended to preserve the socket with bone graft material in order to prevent loss of support for adjacent teeth and the jaw bone in general. 

Prevention & Maintenance 

Supportive Periodontal Therapy is a crucial part of periodontal therapy especially for patients with a history of periodontal disease. It is an extension of active periodontal therapy. Dr. Gluck will collaborate with your dentist to ensure that you are closely supervised. This includes an update of your medical and dental history, review of X-rays and an oral and soft tissue examination. It also includes a periodontal exam, review of patient's oral hygiene, scaling and root planing and polishing of teeth.