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Dental Implants in Montville, N.J.

Individuals with loose, missing, or infected teeth are very often good candidates for dental implants. Dental implants offer a revolutionary option designed to mimic the aesthetics and function of your original tooth or teeth. Each dental implant (which varies in length, width, design) is chosen specifically for each patient to ensure the best possible fit and appearance. Dr. Kenneth Gluck and his team provide exceptional dental implant services to Montville, Parsippany, Denville, Livingston, Lincoln Park, Boonton, Mountain Lakes, Florham Park, Randolph, Towaco, Pine Brook and surrounding New Jersey Communities.

When you begin dental implant treatment, you will start off with one of our comprehensive evaluations to determine if your oral health and overall health is compatible with the procedure. Healthy gums, bones, and a healthy immune system are all important factors needed to make implant surgery a success. Some benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved self-confidence
  • Prevention or reduction in bone deterioration
  • Allow for a fixed replacement tooth/teeth without damage to surrounding teeth
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • NOT subject to dental decay (cavities)

Dental Implants for Single-Tooth Replacement

Implant treatment for one tooth usually involves the following steps:

  1. Extraction of the hopeless tooth (if present); Regenerative materials like bone grafting particles and/or collagen membrane might be necessary at this stage to maintain the bone dimensions for the subsequent placement of the dental implant.
  2. A healing period of approximately 3 months for the bone to mature so that the implant can be safely inserted into the bone and surrounded by at least 2mm of bone 360 degrees for the success and longevity of the implant system.
  3. Placement of the implant
  4. Approximately a 3 month "integration" period (for the implant to fuse to the bone) and...
  5. Placement of the crown ("tooth") by the General Dentist. 

Implants are made of titanium and other materials that are well accepted by the body. Implants can last a lifetime with good care and are not subject to decay like natural teeth. Patients who are prone to cavities (and the associated bacteria) would not have to worry about those strains of bacteria causing holes (cavities) in a titanium structure.

The healing process involves osseointegration; the process of the jawbone growing around the implant to firmly hold it in place. It may take several months until the implant is fully integrated into the bone. During this time, you may have a temporary tooth to aid in esthetics and/or function.

After your healing is complete, you will get your new custom-made dental crown by your restorative dentist. This crown is designed to look just like your other teeth and is fixed in place to the implant post (either cemented or screw-retained).

Other Implant-Supported Options Available

Many people choose to replace several teeth with dental implants. This process involves the strategic placement of two or more implants. Implants can be used to support and/or retain a fixed prosthesis (ie: teeth or bridges that are fixed in place and can't be removed by the patient) or a removable prosthesis (dentures that can be held in place by "snapping" onto the implants but are removable by the patient for easy cleaning).

Learn More About Dental Implants at Montville Periodontics and Implantology

The key to long-term success of your dental implant is regular dental visits and an excellent home care routine. At Montville Periodontics and Implantology we can help you decide if implant treatment is right for you. Call us today for a complete evaluation and treatment plan that can provide you with a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. 


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